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Butterfield-Odin Public School 2016-2017 School Year Calendar is online, please click on the Academic Calendar Tab.           
Our school is located in Southern Minnesota with a school population of 216 K-12 students.We have the following activities available.  We also have a pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds, Special Education classes for all Education related disabilities, a School Counselor, Social Worker, Family Facilitator, Nurse, Psychologist and Staff highly qualified and appropriately licensed in each teaching area.  We encourage you to check out our school.  We offer the following sports.  We are combined with St. James to form the St. James Area Saints!  Go SAINTS!
Fall:  Girls Tennis,  Girls/Boys Cross Country, Football, Volleyball. Winter: G/B Basketball, Gymnastics, Wrestling
Spring: Boys Tennis, G/B Track, Baseball, Softball. There is a reduced sports fee thanks to a grant from the MSHSL for any student on free/Reduced lunch.  Inquire at 507-956-2771 for details..    


Upcoming Events

School Conferences

Conferences will be held
April 12th from 2-7 pm

Butterfield-Odin Blood Drive
Monday, April 17

Blood Drive at Butterfield-Odin High School in the small gym hosted by the American Red Cross. 
Appointments to be for Monday April 17th between 12:30 and 5:30
Students who are 16 may donate with consent of parents shown by a form
Non- students will need to provide proper Identification listed on the red cross site. 
Contact Ms. Blais at kblais@butterfield.k12.mn.us for details or to make an appointment. 
Students and Adults will need to contact Ms. Blais for details. 


Ray Arsenault
Butterfield-Odin Interim Superintendent

Ray Arsenault

  I have achieved many accomplishments in my five year tenure as superintendent of Gallup McKinley County Schools.  My district went through a very difficult period prior to my being hired in May of 2008. The former superintendent was placed on one year paid leave and a former administrator was placed in the acting superintendent role.  I had to move rapidly to assess the needs of the district and make significant personnel moves, at the district office and with my principals.  I did not make change for change sake, but rather to provide more efficient operational staff for the school district.  Today I have placed people in leadership roles that have the skill to implement my district Vision and Mission statement.
I have been able to pass two bonds for the construction of five schools in McKinley County.  This was accomplished through strong strategic planning and working with the county stakeholders.  I have built more schools in four years than many states, including my home state, Minnesota.   I strive to work with my communities and give access to the local media, because this will promote positive public relations for my district.
My schools have made great progress in the New Mexico Standard Based Assessment.  Six of my schools demonstrated the most growth in New Mexico on this assessment in my first three years as superintendent.  Last year, I was honored by the Speaker of the New Mexico House, with a certificate for my academic leadership.  I have forwarded a copy to you!  New Mexico passed a new A-F grading system last year.  I was pleased that one of the poorest districts in the state, preformed in the top 34% in the state in this new assessment.    
I adopted a Navajo Language and Culture program at the end of my first year.  This was the first program of its kind in New Mexico and Governor Richardson attended the adoption ceremony in my district.  This could be a national pilot program, because I am not aware of the existence of a similar program in the United States.  I also worked with one of my state representatives to implement a new Financial Literacy curriculum
I applied for a preschool grant two years ago through Senator Bingaman’s office and we are in the third year of observing the benefits of this $5,500,000.00 program.  I was able to obtain the grant through my political connections.  I am a Governor Richardson appointee to two state committees.  The GRBEES are a group that consists of the presidents of The University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University along with officers from Intel and Los Alamos Laboratories.  Our focus is to align high school instruction. My second appointment is to the New Mexico Cooperative Services Executive Board.  These appointments give me a vital role in setting direction for educational policy, not only my district, but for the state of New Mexico.           
I can make difficult financial decisions when needed and foster input from all stakeholders.  In these difficult times this is a critical skill for the leader of a school district.
Our k-12 education funding allows for our legislative delegation to distribute several million dollars in funding each year to their districts.  I employ a lobbyist and was rewarded recently with $1,400,000.00 in new transportation funding for the next school year.
I have recently been honored by my superintendent’s organization with a nomination for the New Mexico Superintendent Award.  Due to my status in New Mexico I dined with Secretary Duncan in one of my communities on May 18th 2012.  I can bring my talents to Park Rapids Schools to lead you to educational success!
One of my achievements is that I was invited by Hugh Prather, the Director of the Aspiring Superintendents of New Mexico to be a guest speaker last January.  My topic was superintendent/ school board relations.  I will build this relationship with your board.
My qualifications include forty two years as a talented educator.  I have gleaned my skills through a career that began in Minnesota and continues in New Mexico.  As I have previously stated I have the ability to build successful political contacts to aid in the financial success of my school district.  I can build these contacts in your district.    
I feel that my success is partially due to my background as an elementary school, middle school, and high school principal.  I possess a strong understanding of the alignment of K-12 instruction.  A superintendent who has not had this experience, may have less understanding of how vital this is to instructional success and successful assessment data.
I have a strong background in curriculum development.  I worked with three universities while teaching in Minnesota in the development of high school curriculum.  My first project was with Temple University through a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant.  I developed a Political Science Curriculum and trained teachers in other districts in the implementation of the curriculum.  I later developed a Political Science curriculum and trained teachers through Minnesota State University, Mankato.  My favorite project was through the University of Minnesota and New York University, where I developed an Archaeology curriculum that became a part of the Minnesota State Standards.

February Students of the Month are Mahryn Dougherty and Kimberly Tomas Agustin.
February Students of the Month
Butterfield-Odin Public School February Student of the Month in the High School is Mahryn Dougherty. Mahryn is the daughter of Jason and Samantha Dougherty. Mahryn is in 7th grade. Mahryn is a hard worker and  attentitive in class. Mahryn will help others in her class. Mahryn has a positive attitude. Mahryn’s favorite class is Math.

Butterfield-Odin Public School February Student of the Month in the Elementary School is Kimberly Tomas Agustin. Kimberly is the daughter of Claudio and Reyna Tomas Agustin.  Kimberly is in 1st grade. Kimberly is energetic and motivated to do well in class. Kimberly is enthusiastic and enjoys school. Kimberly is a good friend and is willing to help others. Kimberly’s favorite class is Reading. 

Sports Calendar 
Click on your child's sport and then it will sign you up for automated reminders/cancelations and rescheduled events to come right to your e-mail, phone or both! A great tool for parents to keep on top of things! If you have any questions, please contact: Sandy Melheim @ 507-956-2771
2016-2017 Sports:All necessary forms and participation fees MUST be brought to the District Office BEFORE a student is eligible to practice. Physicals must be taken every 3 years. A current physical must be on file before participating in practice.  Sports Fees:Grades 9-12 $70.00 @ sport/ Grades 7-8   $45.00 @ sport
Note:A student may qualify for reduced activity fee participation f he/she is on the Educational Benefit Program(i.e.-Free/Reduced Lunch). The current year forms must be on file to take advantage of this opportunity. Fees:Grades 9-12=$25.00 @ sport/ Grades 7-8 = $15.00 @ sport
NOTE:St. James Activities Office phone number (507)-375-5602 regarding any questions for Winter Sports.

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